18 September 2009: BONELA: Press Statement

18 September 2009:
BONELA: Press Statement

The Acting Director of BONELA, Mr. Uyapo Ndadi is scheduled to leave Botswana today as part of a group of individuals invited to visit the United States from the 19th of September to the 10th of October under the auspices of the International Visitor Leadership Program in honour of their outstanding achievements to date and their prospects of achieving more in the future of their countries.

The International Visitor Leadership Program which is administered by the United States Department of State is intended to give distinguished visitors throughout the world an opportunity to experience aspects of American social, economic, political, cultural and educational life. During the visit, Mr. Ndadi and others will be introduced to a broad cross-section of professional, cultural and personal contacts in Washington DC; San Diego (California); Louisiana; Iowa; Ohio; North Carolina; Montana; Boston; Massachusetts; Brattleboro; Vermont and Lawrence.

Through the programme, participants will benefit from best practices in the United States on innovative management strategies of non-governmental organizations, in particular, advocacy organizations that champion a social or political agenda; explore the diversity of the independent sector in the U.S. and the dynamic relationships between business, government and NGOs; and examine methodologies used by NGOs for strengthening leadership, developing volunteerism, fundraising and advancing missions.

Other participants in this programme were drawn from:

  • Burma
  • Nigeria
  • Croatia
  • Oman
  • Czech Republic
  • Pakistan
  • Denmark
  • Philippines
  • Haiti
  • Saudi Arabia
  • India
  • Serbia
  • Israel
  • Slovenia
  • Jamaica
  • Sudan
  • Kosovo
  • Tonga
  • Malaysia
  • Turkey
  • Nepal
  • West Bank