BONELA is deeply concerned by the escalating rape and defilement cases; especially during the current lockdown, as reported by Botswana Police. BONELA is further disturbed by the delays in enabling access to justice for victims of sexual violence.

In a recent case reported, a Member of Parliament for Nata/ Gweta Mr Polson Mojaga is implicated in a defilement of case. According to reports, he defiled a 16-year-old girl who is now 7 months pregnant. To date, the police has not made arrests in respect to the case. BONELA therefore calls on the police to intensify investigations and ensure justice for the victim.

In the same case, a charge sheet bearing the identity of the child was circulated on social media, further subjecting the child to stigma, psychological harm and victimisation. BONELA would like to remind Batswana that the child in question has a right to privacy and implicit in our collective responsibility to protect the child is the need to protect her identity to ensure that she does not suffer. The 2009 Botswana Children’s Act, tasks all members of society to work towards the promotion, protection and fulfilment of children’s rights in recognition of the vulnerability of children. Section 25 of the Act specifies the right to protection against sexual violence and exploitation.

In order to take a stance against sexual violence against minors and to retain the dignity of the office held by the Member of Parliament, BONELA demands that Mr Majaga recuse himself from office pending outcome of the investigation. BONELA trusts that the matter will be handled with integrity by all officers involved and that if found guilty, the Member of Parliament will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law regardless of his social standing. Child protection demands swift action and BONELA remains committed to ensuring that justice prevails for the minor.

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