Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

We work tirelessly to ensure that all members of the community have equal and dignified access to sexual and reproductive health services, particularly the youth, LGBTI+, women, girls and other marginalized groups

The key to making the Right to Health a reality in Botswana lies in how effectively SRHR services are available to all. Research around this issue worldwide, has built a solid case: to curb and prevent ills such as the transmission of STIs, particularly HIV/AIDs, unwanted and underage pregnancy as well as unsafe abortion, governments must consciously choose to invest in these services for the benefit of its people. Designing holistic sexual reproductive health services, ensuring real access and creating awareness around its importance, is vital.

With this understanding we expand our reach countrywide, with the support of our partners, to ensure that all receive the sexual and reproductive health services needed; particularly those who fall within the cracks of our public health system due to legal, social, religious, cultural and economic barriers.

“The negative health service providers’ attitudes towards key population affects access to SRHR services. Most health service providers are poorly equipped to serve young key populations, and lack the appropriate sensitivity, skills and knowledge. Key populations need more routine access to sexual reproductive health services that effectively addresses the developmental, social political, legal and other issues in their holistic life. If these issues are not addressed, the utilization of health services by key populations will remain low necessitating risky sexual behaviors.” – A Brief Legal analysis on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Policy, Law and Practice in Botswana.

Getting It Done

We work hand in hand with communities to build skill and promote ownership of our interventions. All activities are geared towards ensuring that sexual reproductive health services are easy to reach and tailor made specifically for the people reaching them.


Our activities include:


Project NamePrimary TargetKey Interventions
1. Bodily Autonomy and Integrity(BAI)LBTIQ+, Sex Workers1. Awareness raising
2. Advocacy for policy and law reform
3. Strategic impact litigation
4. Provision of Legal Services
5. Movement building
6. Provision of comprehensive
services (HIV/TB/SRHR) through Drop-in Centres
7. Community-led monitoring and documentation of rights violations
2. Advocacy for of SRHR Services in to HIV Interventions Integration through CSOs EngagementAGYW, LGBTI
3. Advancing universal access to SRHR services for women with disability in
Women with Disabilities

Our Results

We have made major strides in this area, having accomplished the following:


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