The Botswana Review of Ethics, Law and HIV/AIDS- BRELA - is a journal published by BONELA. BRELA is a peer-reviewed journal intended to create a participatory forum for critical and analytical discussion of a broad range of multi-sectoral issues and debates surrounding HIV and AIDS. BRELA provides an opportunity to contribute to Goal 5 of Botswana's National Strategic Framework on HIV/AIDS 2003-2009, towards a 'Strengthened Legal and Ethical Environment'.

BRELA aims to inform policy makers and other stakeholders; to be a forum for individuals, institutions and organizations from a diversity of backgrounds to present ideas, research and programmes, and thus contribute to the development of skills and capacity building; to serve as a resource guide for a broad range of readers, from users of public libraries around the country, to partners, providing an accessible way of updating, informing and stimulating discussions on HIV/AIDS. It is hoped that BRELA will become a tool for advocacy and education in the national, regional and international arenas.

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Sexual Minorities Human Rights and HIV/AIDS: Trainer's Guide

Sexual Minoririties, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS: A Trainer's Guide is a guide to be used in conducting workshops on sexual minorities, human rights, and HIV issues in Botswana.

Human Rights and HIV: A Manual for Action

With the challenges of the epidemic affecting so many, it seemed surprising that no training materials in the country had dealt with the human rights perspective on HIV. BONELA itself was receiving more and more requests for information, presentations and training. Evidently, there was a strong need for exactly such a publication as Human Rights and HIV: A Manual for Action.

Made in Botswana for Botswana’s unique context, it is written in English and Setswana. Because no local information had previously been comprehensively collected about this issue, BONELA chose to cover the broadest possible range of topics and involved the participation of a variety of key local groups.

Launched in November 2005, the training manual has caught the attention of a diverse audience from the highest levels of government to grassroots community groups and the general public.

The 14-book training kit covers the following topics:

  • Understanding HIV and AIDS
  • Human Rights and Our Common Humanity
  • Human Rights, HIV and AIDS
  • HIV/AIDS and the Law in Botswana
  • Right to Health
  • Confidentiality
  • Testing for HIV
  • Your Rights at Work
  • Sexuality and Human Rights
  • Women, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights
  • Men, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights
  • Youth, Children, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights
  • Wills and Inheritance
  • Research

Cost: BWP 300 for 14 modules and durable carrying case.

To purchase a copy of Human Rights and HIV: A Manual for Action, please contact BONELA at (+267) 393-2516 or email