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Human Rights Monitoring (HRM) leads BONELA's evidence-building process, which provides the basis for advocacy, awareness raising and strategic litigation.

Legal Aid

HRM is focused on developing strategic litigation approaches to human rights violations and possible policy reviews. Legal Aid handles walk-in cases and referrals of all HIV/AIDS-related violations to influence positive change.

Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring records all reported HIV/AIDS-related violations, and, if need be, drafts responses with Human Rights & Health Rights. Media Monitoring also reports human rights violations to media houses.

Policy Review

Policy Review monitors all oppressive or reactionary laws and policies. It collects evidence through legal aid, media monitoring, and/or literature reviews and suggests progressive and inclusive laws.

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Human Rights and Health Literacy ensures there is access to essential information on human rights, law, HIV and vulnerable populations affected by HIV. Raising awareness is also meant to inform community mindsets, attitudes, behaviors and beliefs to influence them positively.

Different strategies are used to disseminate information, educate the public and communicate issues of human rights and HIV/AIDS.These include training people at different levels of society on the aforementioned issues; conducting public events such as campaigns, workshops, dialogues and debates; and utilizing both electronic and print media to inform the public about these issues.

Human Rights & Health Literacy uses social media accounts to promote the internal production of IEC materials such as training manuals, position papers on issues, leaflets, booklets, posters, t-shirts and other materials.

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Partnership and Networks (P&N) aims to build and strengthen partnerships and networks locally, regionally and internationally.

Mentoring, Housing and Nesting

BONELA mentors and nests other organizations to build and/or strengthen their organizations.

Network Forum

BONELA provides a platform for its members on pertinent issues, which also acts a forum for feedback and involvement in BONELA processes.


P&N builds partner organizations’ capacity to mainstream a right-based approach into their interventions. This is achieved through training on human rights, with emphasis on key populations, and on documentation to build evidence to influence reform.


BONELA sub-grants to grass roots organisations and builds their capacity to manage funds, effectively implement and report.

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