-  Dissimination of evidence (see above) through direct engagement.
-  Strategising with others
CSOs to make change (e.g. developing advocacy messages: testing policy briefs: etc)

-  Coordinating and alligning our efforts (a cotribution to movement building.)
-  Speaking with one voice: talking action together
-  Participating in key policy forum to ensure that important issues are raised; sharing policy briefs and alternative policies
-  Responding publicy to emerging issues from a health and human right perspective
-  Human Right Monitoring
-  Commission research
-  Monitoring and Evaluation of the effects and impact resulting from all the areas of BONELA’s work
- Formulating policy briefs and alternative policies
-  Publishing reports as well as effective narratives, and packaging these in forms that are accessible and easy to use by various media
-  Generating policy and practical solutions for health rights fulfllment, through the design, delivery and documentation of effective projects, services and interventions
-  Building the capacity of and/or partnering with, other CSOs to implement projects
-  Movement building; open up spaces for marginalised voice to speak for themselves and be heard
-  Building and supporting state capacity to address the health rights of vulnerable groups (advisory/technical assistance role)
-Strategic Litigation

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