The Awareness Raising project is in-charge of ensuring that BONELA is understood both in content and context and that there is access to essential information on human rights, law, HIV and the different populations affected by HIV because of their positions and/or situations in the society that make them vulnerable to infection and effective use of the same information in accessing and providing health services. Raising public awareness; is also meant to inform community mindsets, attitudes, behaviors and beliefs with the intention of influencing them positively. Furthermore, it is our intention through to achieve a defined purpose or goal: promoting a just and inclusive environment to improve the quality of lives of people affected by HIV which is supported by positive policies and laws.

Different strategies are used to disseminate information, educating the public and communicating issues of human rights and HIV.

These include training people at different levels of society on the aforementioned issues, conducting workshops and public events and forums such as campaigns, dialogues and debates, utilizing both the electronic and print media in informing the general public about these issues through news briefs or press statements, advertorials and articles, jingles and radio shows. The website and facebook are also other social media approaches used by BONELA through Awareness Raising to communicate issues of human rights, HIV and MARPS as well as the internal production of IEC materials such as training manuals, position papers on issues, leaflets, booklets, posters, t-shirts and other materials to further communicate with and educate the public. 

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