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As an advocacy organization BONELA has a policy on the involvement of volunteers and interns. As a sustainability strategy, BONELA will achieve most of its planned activities through the engagement of interns and volunteers from various technical partnership organisations. Individuals who are also BONELA members can benefit from working with the organization on assigned projects, as interns in accordance with their various skills.

Currently BONELA is in partnership with Botswana government internship program, World University Services of Canada (WUSC) and AIESEC Botswana which provide the organization with interns to augment the skills required to complete the various activities for BONELA advocacy.

BONELA is a network – centric organization the will also facilitate access to its pool of interns to its various network member organizations to create value exchange. The organization will also engage non-resident, qualifying interns to engage in project processes or specific tasks of mutual benefit.

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