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Partnerships and Networks

BONELA realized that, without the mandate to change laws and policies, and without national coverage capacity; the only way to effectively advocate for policy and law reform was to capacitate its various partners and solicit their commitment to the human rights and HIV/AIDS agenda, as well as participate and contribute to processes and campaigns that will influence review of laws and policies towards an enabling environment where key populations affected by HIV have access to quality and comprehensive prevention, treatment care and support in the national response to HIV/AIDS.

Partnership and Networking (P&N) department aims to build and strengthen partnerships and networks both locally, regionally and internationally.

Mentoring, Housing and Nesting

Through Partnerships and Network, BONELA mentors and nests other organizations to build and or strengthen their organizations for attainment of a level of organizational effectiveness.

Figure 1: Cycle for mentee capacity building

Network Forum

BONELA provides a platform for its members on pertinent programmatic and governance issues through P&N. The network forum also provides a platform for feedback and effective participation and involvement of members in BONELA processes.

Mainstreaming of Human Rights and HIV

Through this branch, P &N builds partner organizations’ capacity to mainstream a right based approach into their interventions. This is achieved through training on human rights with particular emphasis on most at risk populations. Partners are also trained to contribute to the documentation and appropriate packaging of human rights issues as a way of building sufficient evidence to influence policy and law reform.


BONELA sub-grants to grass roots organisations to integrate human rights and HIV interventions for most at risk populations. BONELA also builds capacity of sub-grantees to manage funds, effectively implement and report.

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